Current J-1 Participant

Exchange Visitors come to the United States to gain the knowledge, skills, and techniques from host organizations/institutions in the U.S. and share these attributes in back home after the end of your program.  As a part of the American Immigration Council family, you deserve direct support throughout your time in the United States from our cultural exchange team.  Know that if you have questions, you are not alone!  Please review our guidance below and feel free to contact us at any time as you settle into your new role and surroundings. 

Log-in to to begin a series of tasks that will carry you through requirements of the sponsorship program.  The first task is to complete "Arrival and Program Dates".  After arrival in the US, log-in to again to complete the "Post-Arrival Follow Up Information" task, including an upload of your new I-94 card.

Before you can apply for a Social Security number (SSN), you need to submit your follow-up information report to the American Immigration Council. This is the first step toward getting an SSN because it allows us, as your J-1 sponsor, to activate your SEVIS status. Wait at least three (3) business days after submitting this information before applying in person for the SSN at the Social Security Administration (SSA) office closest to the host organization. Bring your original DS-2019 form, the active status letter, a printout of your I-94 status and your passport. Visit the SSA website to find the closest office. You will need to print and complete the SS-5 form in preparation for your visit to the Social Security Administration office.

If there are delays in obtaining your SSN, this does not prevent you from beginning your training or internship and receiving remuneration. The SSA website has instructions to the employer on how to pay renumeration while awaiting the receipt of a Social Security number. If more than three (3) weeks have passed from the time you applied for your SSN and you still have not received a response from the Social Security office, call Social Security's toll-free number at 1-800-772-12131-800-772-1213 . Also please let the American Immigration Council know.

Yes. If you receive compensation from your U.S. host organization, you are subject to U.S. local, state and federal taxes.

If your passport has been lost or stolen, you will need to replace it immediately. First, file a police report as soon as possible by going to the closest police station and reporting your passport as lost or stolen; if possible, bring copies of the missing documents (passport, visa and DS-2019 form). Next contact your home country’s embassy or consulate in order to apply for a replacement passport. Report the loss of the J-1 visa in your passport to the U.S. consular post responsible for issuing the visa.

If you've lost your DS-2019 form, let us know by email. We require an explanation on where you last had the form. There is a $150 fee for processing the replacement DS-2019 form.

You are required to let the American Immigration Council know within 10 days. Log in to the Any Time Tasks stage of your FluidReview account to update your information. We will then update our records in SEVIS.

You will need to obtain a travel validation on your original DS-2019 to travel outside of the U.S. borders and be able to re-enter the United States to resume training. Please complete the travel validation request form with your supervisor, then mail your DS-2019 and the travel validation request form to our office in Washington, D.C. Each signature is valid for 12 full months from the date signed. When planning your travel, allow a minimum of two weeks before your trip to obtain this signature. If you send your travel validation request in under two weeks, you must provide a self-addressed express return envelope. 

Both you and your supervisor need to complete the final evaluation forms in Fluidreview. You will be asked for a brief explanation on why you ended early for your SEVIS records.

Internships can extend up to 12 months and training programs up to 18 months. A request for extension may be submitted no sooner than 30 days before the program end date. Log into your account and fill out the tasks under "Final Evaluation/Extension Stage."

Both you and your supervisor will need to fill out and sign forms requesting the extension. The task must be filled out along with a revised DS-7002, an extension fee and fees for additional insurance. Payment can be made through the secure online payment form accessible from your online account.

Each J-2 applicant will need to be issued a DS-2019 form to apply for the J-2 visa outside the United States at a U.S. consulate. The following documents must be uploaded directly to the applicant’s online case file:

  • Passport biographical page (picture and biographic data) for each J-2 dependent
  • Statement from the J-1 acknowledging that the J-1 and J-2 dependents must leave the U.S. when the J-1’s duration of status expires
  • Letter from the host organization acknowledging that the J-2 will join the J-1 in the U.S. and that the changed circumstances will not negatively affect the J-1’s ability to complete the training program
  • Evidence of adequate financial support for the J-2 while in the United States
  • Payment of the $600 Dependent fee 
  • Address in J-2's home country and additional contact information for sending send the application materials
  • Verification of insurance coverage for each J-2 that meets the Department of State requirements, either through IMG or by other approved insurer

Yes. J-2 dependents are eligible for work authorization and should apply through a USCIS regional service center. For more information and to access appropriate forms, please visit the USCIS website.

There are certain rules that govern repeat participation in the J-1 intern/trainee exchange program.

  • As an intern returning to an internship program, we require a waiting period at least one semester outside the United States. There is no waiting period to participate in a summer internship if you have just recently completed a J-1 internship and are still enrolled in an academic program abroad. Please note, you must be outside of the United States for the webcam interview and to obtain a new visa stamp.
  • If you have just completed an intern program and want to participate in a trainee program, J-1 exchange program regulations require a waiting period of two years outside the U.S. If you have completed a trainee program and want to participate in another trainee program, J-1 exchange program regulations require a waiting period of two years outside the U.S.

Please contact the Council for specific questions regarding repeat participation.