Maintain Status

Participating in an exchange visitor program includes a series of responsibilities for all parties directly involved in the exchange.  Sponsors are bound by regulatory requirements to ensure all hosts and exchange visitors comply with the following tasks: 

Exchange Visitors

  • Complete arrival and check-in procedures outlined in FluidReview
  • Request a travel validation signature by mail before leaving the country for any reason
  • Email [email protected] any international travel dates and locations
  • Upload a new I-94 in FluidReview every time you re-enter in J status
  • Maintain sufficient medical insurance throughout the duration of stay
  • Remain committed to intent to return home after completion of program
  • Notify the American Immigration Council of any changes in program, including dates, compensation, program location and/or training or internship content
  • Submit a Contact Information Update/Address Change form within 10 days of any residential move
  • Complete all required evaluations

Host Organization

  • Remain committed to the spirit of the Exchange Visitor Program
  • Complete required mid-point and final evaluations
  • Inform and/or seek counsel from the American Immigration Council regarding any changes to a training or internship program.