Weekly Allotment Update

  • Available Webcam Interviews: As of October 30, 2017 we have 7 interview spot remaining for the month.

Once you submit your application, use our online scheduling tool to book the webcam interview for the J-1 program. In order to allow sufficient time for consular processing and international travel, schedule the webcam interview 4-6 weeks in advance of the program start date. We have a limited number of spaces available per month, so submit your application as early as possible to avoid delays.

News You Can Use

Missed the Tax Deadline?

J-1 trainees/interns are subjected to U.S. Federal Taxes if exchange visitors received funds from a U.S. funding source, except in the rare event of a tax treaty between the U.S. government and the exchange visitor's home country. Unless the individual has previously been in the United States within the last six years on a J-1 visa, your will be classified as a non-resident taxpayer for federal taxes. This means you are not subject to Social Security nor Medicare withholding during the first two calendar years, or parts thereof, that you are in the U.S. on a J-1 visa. Additional information about filing taxes and J-1 tax status can be found on our blog, J-1Journeys.org.

For additional resource information, including late filing, please refer to the IRS website links below:

Insurance Update for Exchange Visitors

As of October 1, 2015, the IMG insurance cards will no longer be sent by post mail to J-1 exchange visitors. After you arrive in the U.S. and complete your Post Arrival Follow Up Information task, go to the IMG website to download your insurance ID Card. J-2 dependents will also be issued Insurance Cards which can be downloaded from the IMG website.

For more information regarding health insurance requirements, please visit our medical insurance page.