Applications for the 2016-2017 United States-Mexico Internship Program are now closed.

United States –Mexico Internship Program participants sponsored by the American Immigration Council become part of a network that is committed to providing cultural exchange and work-based learning opportunities for Mexican students as a part of our nationally-recognized role as a leader in challenging the myths and misinformation that often dominate the debate about the value of migration and mobility between our two countries. 

Basic Eligibility

  • Eligible university students are pursuing a post-secondary academic degree at a ministerially-recognized institution outside of the United States. 
  • Eligible recent graduates completed their academic program at a ministerially-recognized, post-secondary academic institution outside of the United States in 2015-2016 academic year.
  • Ineligible educational qualifications include vocational programs, online or distance learning programs. 
  • Mexican citizenship required.

The United States-Mexico Internship Program encourages participation from eligible university students and recent graduates from a wide range of academic areas of study, including:

  • Architecture 
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering 
  • Finance
  • Information Technology 
  • Law & Legal Studies
          • Mathematics & Statistics
          • Media & Communications
          • Physical Sciences
          • Public Administration
          • Trade & Commerce

          Apply for Placement Services and J-1 Visa Sponsorship

          You have nothing to lose by applying for our pro bono placement services! Our placement services application is designed to support your search for an internship in the United States. You may apply any time, but the earlier the better. Cultural exchange advisors are currently reviewing applications.

          Candidates who have already secured internship offers are also welcome to apply for J-1 visa sponsorship through the United States-Mexico Internship Program. Basic J-1 sponsorship fees will apply only after placement is secured. Keep reading for more details on the application process and financial considerations.

          If selected for placement services, our team will work to connect you with available internship opportunities through our network of private sector and non-profit organizations already dedicated to providing a structured work-based learning environment.

          A final placement and J-1 visa sponsorship offer is contingent upon availability of host placements and completion of J1 visa internship program sponsorship application after a placement has been secured. In the meantime, a typical placement process includes the following steps:

          1. Placement application is received and reviewed by cultural exchange program staff;

          2. A cultural exchange advisor notifies you of an initial decision via email and asks for your availability for a webcam interview;

          3. A dedicated advisor meets with you via skype to discuss your goals and expectations as a US-Mexico Internship Program participant;

          4. An ‘intern profile’ will be created for you and shared with our main point of contact with host organizations in your field of study;

          5. Host organizations will follow their own internal selection process for internship candidates, which may require a webcam and/or phone interview directly with the host organization;

          We will be notified of any internship offer decision made by the host organization, with the following result:

          Matched to a U.S. Host Organization

          If the host organization makes an internship offer, you will work with the American Immigration Council and the host organization to apply for exchange visitor program sponsorship and the J-1 visa.

          • Exchange visitor program sponsorship fees ($1900), the SEVIS fee ($180) and medical insurance ($57/per month) will be required as part of the sponsorship application.

          • The American Immigration Council issues a DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility and Pre-Arrival Packet to support your application for a J-1 exchange visitor visa.

          • You complete the DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa Application online ($160 fee) as a J-1 exchange visitor and make an in-person interview appointment at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate nearest you.

          The American Immigration Council will work directly with your university to facilitate your participation in the US-Mexico Internship Program as a study abroad option for you, if applicable. As an implementing partner, senior diplomatic officials at the Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington, D.C. will be notified of your placement and sponsorship success!

          Not matched to a U.S. Host Organization

          If the host organization does not make an internship offer, we will continue to work with you to present your intern profile as an eligible candidate for up to 12 weeks after your webcam interview.

          After 12 weeks, we will contact you to re-assess whether you would like to continue working toward a placement. We may need to make adjustments to your availability and intern profile. Please notify the American Immigration Council’s Cultural Exchange Program Development Manager immediately if you decide to opt-out of placement services or have secured an internship offer outside of our network.

          You have nothing to lose by applying for our pro bono placement services! Placement services through the United States-Mexico Internship Program are free of charge. The American Immigration Council invests in promoting cultural exchange between the United State and Mexico as a mission-driven goal.

          United States-Mexico Internship Placement Fee: Waived

          Sponsorship fees apply only if an internship offer is secured. Payment may be made by the exchange visitor, host organization, university, donor or any combination thereof. You and your host organization supervisor must confirm sponsorship and visa fee payment arrangements as a part of the internship offer.

          • Sponsorship Application Fee: $450
          • Intern Program Fee: $1,450
          • Sickness and Accident Insurance: $57 per month
          • SEVIS Fee: $180

          All J-1 exchange visitor visa applicants must have a DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility before applying for a nonimmigrant visa to the United States. After securing sponsorship for the US-Mexico Internship Program through the American Immigration Council, you will receive the required documentation to support your visa application and in-person interview.

          You are responsible for applying for the J-1 visa and booking a consular interview upon receipt of your DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility and pre-arrival packet. 

          The DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa Application is currently $160.  Please also consider any travel costs related to attending the required in-person interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate nearest you.

          United States-Mexico interns are eligible to secure internship placements across the United States.  The cost of living varies between host city locations, but all participants will be required to show access to enough financial support to cover the cost of travel and living expenses during your stay in the United States. One general rule is to expect to show three times the amount of average rent in your host city as evidence of sufficient finances. 

          This cost of living calculator may help as you plan for your exchange experience.  Please also consider the following costs listed here:

          • International travel: $500-900
          • Travel from port of entry to host city: $40-100
          • Temporary housing on arrival: $0 - $1000
          • Monthly rent: $500-2000
          • Food/personal expenses: $500-700
          • Entertainment/cultural activities: $200-300
          • Mobile phone and data usage: $75-150
          • Medical insurance: $57

          All costs are general estimates for application planning purposes only.  Once an internship offer is secured, each program participant will have a unique financial support and budget profile tailored to the internship offer and location.

          Apply now! Incomplete placement applications will not be considered.