United States-Mexico Internship Program: Host Organizations

In partnership with the Embassy of Mexico and the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C., the American Immigration Council’s United States-Mexico Internship Program supports internship providers in the search for qualified students and recent graduates through our competitive vetting process. As we continue to build relationships with university and government networks well-poised to promote enthusiastic and capable interns, the program’s success will depend on your support and engagement. 

Hosts sites interested in participating in the U.S.-Mexico Internship Program should contact Stephanie Andrews directly.

By offering an internship through this specialized program, you secure dedicated support from a J-1 advisor, including:

  • An introduction to university officials looking to connect
  • Technical assistance designing an internship placement plan (DS-7002)
  • DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility for eligible intern
  • Pre-arrival orientation support for intern
  • Post-arrival check-in and SEVIS compliance
  • 24 hour emergency support
  • Monitor you and your intern’s satisfaction
  • Amplify the impact of your program by highlighting host and intern successes

Basic J-1 sponsorship fees will apply only after an internship offer is made.  Keep reading for more details on host organization eligibility, the host vetting process, and financial considerations.

Successful placement hosts demonstrate:

  • Financial and operational stability sufficient to support an intern program (typically evidenced by having been operational for 2 years and sufficient annual revenue to operate through the internship period and beyond);

  • Sufficient full-time employees onsite (typically 6), the appropriate facility and equipment to provide the proposed internship, and qualified personnel available to provide daily, on-site supervision;

  • An understanding the internship program does not constitute ordinary employment and should therefore not serve as a substitute for a U.S.-based job opportunity;

  • A willingness to ensure interns are supported through some form of monetary and/or non-monetary compensation, not only personal or family funds;

  • A commitment to mutual exchange, the ability to make an exchange visitor feel at home in your organization and involve them in relevant, pre-planned cultural opportunities, including opportunities for the  exchange visitor to share aspects of their home culture;

  • Open communication with our team and willingness to notify the American Immigration Council in the event of changes to the term or content of the internship, and any exchange visitor emergency incidents;

  • Willingness to accommodate a pre-arranged host site visit from the American Immigration Council or the Department of State, if requested. 
The United States-Mexico Internship Program encourages participation from a wide range of academic and professional areas including:
  • Architecture 
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering 
  • Finance
  • Information Technology 
  • Law & Legal Studies
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Media & Communications
  • Physical Sciences
  • Public Administration
  • Trade & Commerce

Eligible students and recent graduates are applying now for internship placement services.  The host placement process typically follows these key steps:

  1. You submit an application form (online) and draft internship placement plan (via email) to the American Immigration Council;
  2. Cultural exchange program staff will create a unique Host Organization Profile for the internship opportunity and contact you directly to further discuss your needs;
  3. Your profile will be compared to current intern applicants and distributed among contacts in Mexico to attract additional applicants, if needed;
  4. Your main point of contact will be sent qualified United States-Mexico Intern Profiles for review and consideration;
  5. You follow your own internal selection process for internship candidates (please avoid in-person interviews);
If you select or decline a U.S.-Mexico Intern for an internship, please notify the American Immigration Council immediately, with the following result:

Matched to a United States-Mexico Internship Program Candidate

If your organization makes and internship offer, you (and/or your immigration lawyer) will work with the American Immigration Council and the host organization to make a formal application for exchange visitor program sponsorship, including the official, final internship placement plan (DS-7002) signed by all parties.

Exchange visitor program sponsorship fees ($1900), the SEVIS fee ($180) and medical insurance ($57/per month) will be required as part of the sponsorship application, payable by the host, exchange visitor or third party.

The American Immigration Council issues a DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility and Pre-Arrival Packet to support an application for the J-1 visa.

Your internship placement begins!

Not matched to a United States-Mexico Internship Program Candidate

If your organization does not make an internship offer, the American Immigration Council will continue to work with you to support your placement needs within the United States-Mexico Internship Program.  

The American Immigration Council asks that all host organizations provide some form of financial or non-monetary compensation for interns sponsored through the United States-Mexico Internship Program.  Unpaid internship offers are restricted to exchange visitors receiving academic credit for participation in the internship.  This cost of living calculator may help as you think about reasonable monetary or non-monetary compensation for your intern, which should be at least equivalent to compensation provided to an American or U.S.-based intern. 

Sponsorship fees apply only if an internship offer is accepted. Payment may be made by the exchange visitor, host organization, university, donor or any combination thereof.  Hosts should confirm sponsorship and visa fee payment arrangements as a part of the internship offer.

  • Sponsorship Application Fee: $450
  • Intern Program Fee: $1,450
  • Sickness and Accident Insurance: $57 per month
  • SEVIS Fee: $180

Hosts should be aware of the budgetary and financial considerations facing international interns, even if they offer unpaid internships.  When an internship offer is accepted, all interns will be required to demonstrate sufficient financial support cover the cost of travel and living expenses during their stay in the United States.