The American Immigration Council Unveils a New Logo and More

July 20, 2016

Washington, D.C. – The American Immigration Council (Council) announces the official debut of its redesigned logo. A reinterpretation of the organization’s familiar brand, it is the first offering in a series of significant updates the Council’s audiences will see in the year to come.

The Council has spent the first half of this year in research and discovery to effect a strategic unification of its four main programs—Immigration Policy Center, Legal Action Center, International Exchange Center, and Community Education Center. The Council will continue to provide the same broad-based scholarship, policy expertise, legal analysis, international exchange, and education work to its core audiences, including attorneys, academics, advocates, policymakers, and educators, but continue doing so under a single banner identity—the American Immigration Council.

The Logo

The Council worked with D.C.-based designer Anastasia Miller to conceptualize and render the new design. The new logo plays on the "I" and "C" in the old motif and introduces a “road” element to emphasize the Council’s mission and vision. The road connotes a journey with purpose, with a nod to our motto "honoring our immigrant past and shaping our future," which distills the essence of the Council's work.

Coming Soon: A Content-Rich, Easy-to-Use, Responsive Web Presence

In addition to the strategic unification and updated identity, the Council is in the midst of the design-and-build process for a redesigned web presence. The new site will mimic the topic-based organization and content flow of our popular blog, allowing to become a daily destination for everything from breaking news and policy updates on immigration to the latest legal developments and more. New features will include easier browse and search features, links to related content—allowing our visitors to learn more about the broad-based work we do beyond what they were originally searching for, as well as access to the Council’s relationships with the best analysts in the field.


For more information, contact Wendy Feliz at [email protected] or 202-507-7524.

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